Saturday, 14 July 2012

Sherbet makes a new strawberry patch

Oh what a beautiful morning.  Oh what a lovely blue sky.  Oh what  a perfect light, cooling  breeze.  Oh what harmonious sounds filling the air all around me . Ahh, I feel so lucky to be alive and so blessed to be living here at Clover Cottage with my amazing garden to relax in.
 Yes,  I know I said relax but in fact I have a little bit of work to do in my  garden.  I am making a new strawberry  patch.  I have  to dig up a little corner of my garden not far from my oak tree, pick out all the stones and smooth down the soil again, then I will surround it with big rocks to make it look like a special little area.  I have lots of new strawberry plants from the garden shop in the village and I will plant them and care for them and wait patiently for them to make lovely big juicy strawberries.
 Yes, I know what you are all thinking!  It is true, - you are reading my mind. When the strawberries are ripe I will give a whole basket full to Pearl and she will make lots of jars of delicious strawberry jam.  I wish you could all come and share it with me, Pearl makes the best jam in the whole wide world.  Love from Sherbetx

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