Monday, 9 July 2012

Sherbet wishes the whole wide world could be filled with love

Here I am meditating in my garden again. Oh, it is so peaceful, I do wish everyone could feel as peaceful as this every day.  How lovely if the whole wide world could be filled with love.  How lovely it would be if all the little creatures everywhere could live peacefully and not be afraid of walking around openly in the countryside where they live.  Everywhere I go I see the little creatures escaping under bushes and hiding in little holes.   They must be afraid that something will hurt them.  Of course I know, I myself would never hurt them, they are my friends.  I would love them to feel free and for them to trust me.   In my garden at Clover Cottage the little creatures that live there know me and trust me.  It would be so wonderful if all the little creatures in the world could come and live in my garden where they would always feel safe and happy and smiley all day long.  Love from Sherbetx

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