Thursday, 5 July 2012

Sherbet is very upset over a horrible, horrible thing that happened at Clover Cottage

A horrible, horrible thing happened today here in my kitchen at Clover Cottage. Oh, it is so terrible I can hardly find the words to tell you. It upset me so much that I don't even want to bring the memory back to myself but maybe it will make me feel better to tell you.
 Here goes.  I had just had my breakfast and I was putting my boots on,  when a lovely grey pigeon flew into my kitchen. Birds often fly into my kitchen as I like to leave my door and windows open. I always welcome the birds in as I do love them sharing my home.
 Anyway I went into my garden leaving the bird to fly around in my house as it pleased, I was just watering my lettuce when I heard a terrible commotion happening in my kitchen.  I rushed in and I saw the most frightful thing. The naughty cat from Greengate farm had crept into my kitchen through the open door and had caught the lovely grey bird!  I could do nothing to save it, the cat ran straight out of my kitchen with the already dead bird in it's mouth. Oh how sad it made me feel. I even shed a little tear for the bird but felt comfort knowing that he was now happily flying around in bird heaven. Oh but that naughty, naughty cat! I looked around again and there he was sitting under my oak tree licking his lips as though he had just eaten one of Pearl's best chocolate cakes.
I told him he was a very naughty cat indeed and sent him straight back to Greengate Farm. I hope he never comes here to hunt for birds again. I want my birds to feel safe here at Clover Cottage, it always has been a safe haven for all the little creatures.  Love from Sherbetx


Mimi Foxmorton said...

Oh no! Oh, poor birdie! Poor Sherbet!

Perhaps a cold cup of lavender lemonade and a walk in the garden will make you feel better.

Naughty pussy cat!

*hugs and kisses*


thecrazysheeplady said...

You might have to get a guardian dog!

Sherbet Sheep said...

Thank you for your kind words , I am recovering nicely from my shock and yes I may need to borrow the sheep dog from Greengate Farm for a little while and I will ask Pearl to make me some delicious lemonade to make me feel better. Love from Sherbetx