Thursday, 29 December 2011

Doodle helps Sherbet with his pumpkins

Well, I really do think Christmas is finally over until next year, we have all had a lovely time being together with our friends and for some of us seeing family and friends that we do not often see. Even I was very lucky to have Reginald Rabbit come to visit me in my dream, even though he could not be here in person. Today the snow has thawed and I have collected all of my pumpkins together. They were actually very heavy so Doodle came to help me. Mango wanted to help as he always does as he is such a kind little  mouse but I am afraid he was too small and all he could do was ride on top of some of the pumpkins as we rolled them to a corner of my garden. They are beautiful, a lovely orange colour and I know they will be very tasty. I am going to ask Pearl to give me one of her best pumpkin soup recipes so that I can make a lovely, big, healthy pumpkin soup for us all to warm us up in this cold weather.

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