Thursday, 15 December 2011

My old friend Reginald Rabbit comes to stay!

Today I still feel so good after that huge, delicious, healthy salad yesterday. I feel so bouncy and full of energy. I have something very happy to tell you today. As I went into my garden this morning I had an enormous surprise! There standing in my vegetable garden was my old friend Reginald Rabbit. How lovely to see him, I have not seen him for a whole year. He looked like an angel standing there in the bright morning light . His fur was all pure white and shiny. He was also being an angel as he had come to my garden out of the kindness of his own heart to help me with my tasks. He must have woken up very early as he had already picked a whole basket of lovely, green, fragrant smelling peas. Yummy, I can just imagine eating them for our lunch.
I have asked him to stay with me for a few more days as he had such a long journey to get here. I know he can run fast as rabbits do but I know also that he will be very tired after a long day  working hard in my garden. How lovely to be re-united with my old friend Reginald Rabbit, I have missed him so much and I am so happy to be spending this day with him.

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