Sunday, 25 December 2011


 HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY  or HAPPY HOLIDAYS  in case you do not have Christmas where you live. I know I always say YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE THIS,  BUT!!!  You really WILL NOT BELIEVE THIS ! I awoke this morning, it is December 25th and I heard singing coming from my bathroom.
Someone was singing  the words Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way !! Now as I live alone, it was a very strange thing. I crept nearer to the bathroom being careful not to make a sound. I listened outside the door. All of a sudden I heard HO HO HO! I nearly jumped out of my boots in surprise. It was Santa Claus. I peeped into the bathroom and there he was. Santa was having a bubbly bath in my bathroom. What a lovely guest to have on this special day. I imagine he must have been so tired after his busy night flying through the sky with his reindeer and no doubt he was feeling a little bit sooty after climbing down all of those chimney pots. I shouted through the door " Welcome Santa,  please join me for a lovely Christmas day breakfast when you are all dry and dressed ". Santa left soon after breakfast and I was so glad  to have had the chance to meet him in person as  he is not easy to find as you probably know.

I still had time during the morning to put the finishing touches to my Christmas tree as Pearl, Doodle and Mango are coming here to spend Christmas day with me. I  will put their gifts under the tree. It will be such fun being with my best friends on this special day  and I know they will love to hear my amazing story of finding Santa in my bathroom.

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Happy Christmas Sherbet xxx