Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Sherbet's best cat ever was called Haricot

Hello again. It is a lovely Sunny day today. I just want to tell you that as I was talking about planting beans yesterday, it brought back memories of a lovely cat that used to live in my house and garden. I loved her very much, her name was Haricot.  Haricot was the best cat I have ever known . She was such a kind and loving cat and loved to be cuddled and picked up. She loved to sit on my shoulders tucked up warm in my wool  I have a very funny picture of her here asleep in one of my old flower pots. By the way,  Haricot's mother was called Bean and she named all of her kittens after herself so they were all named after kinds of beans! There was Haricot, and her 3 sisters were called Adzuki, Chick Pea and Cannellino. You may think Cannellino is a funny name but she was named after Italian Cannellini beans.

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