Sunday, 11 December 2011

A visit to Doodle's art studio

Today Pearl, Mango and I visited Doodle in his art studio. It was so exciting. He has so many interesting things to see there. He has tadpoles in a jar, painted stones, a book about frogs and a book about painting. The thing we loved best of all though was that he showed us how to paint a big pot. He said we should use our imagination and that there were no rules and we could paint anything we liked on it. Doodle painted big insects on his pot, I painted big spots on my pot, Pearl painted flowers on her pot and  Mango painted leaves on his pot. It was so much fun and we were all very proud of our lovely colourful pots . Doodle said we should all keep them in my garden and grow flowers in them.  We all thought that was a great idea. I am so proud to have a wonderful, creative friend like Doodle.

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