Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Sherbet sees reindeer skiing

How funny, I was just about to think to myself,  well, Christmas is really over now,  when  I saw a really amazing thing. I was working in my snowy garden trying to rescue some poor cold cabbage and some frozen carrots from under the snow in my vegetable patch when I heard a kind of whooshing sound. I looked over my shoulder to a hill on the far side of Wiggleway Lane and there to my complete surprise was a mother reindeer skiing with her children in her arms. One of her children was finding it difficult to hold on as she was going so fast down the hill. She must be going home back to where she lives with Santa Claus. I imagine she must have left her children with a baby sitter while she was hard at work helping Santa deliver the presents and now that she has finished her work she is taking them home.

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