Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Oh my goodness rain rain rain!

Oh my goodness rain rain rain! Today I went for an early morning walk with Mango. The sky was a bit grey but I did not feel rain in the air so we walked all the way down Wiggleway Lane.  Just as we were turning back it started pouring down with torrential rain. My wool was getting really soaked and poor little Mango mouse was nearly washed away so I carried him on my shoulder to keep him safe, he managed to tuck his feet deep into my wool where it was still dry and warm so I didn't have to worry too much about him ! Oh dear, guess what happened next ? A river was overflowing and the water was gushing onto our little lane and flooding it. Luckily I had my rubber boots on because I had to wade through the deep water to get home. It was such fun splashing about in the water though. It made Mango squeal with laughter and it put a huge smile on my face too. However, I didn't want little Mango to catch a cold, so as soon as we arrived back home to Clover Cottage I wrapped him up in a warm, fluffy towel and we both had a nice, hot mug of cocoa.

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