Monday, 26 December 2011

Sherbet and his friends make a family of snowmen

What a happy Christmas day we all had yesterday. Having breakfast with Santa after finding him in my bathroom was a perfect way to start the day. Mango, Pearl and Doodle stayed the night in my cottage because we were playing  games and eating some delicious food until quite late. We woke up this morning to find pretty snowflakes floating softly down to the ground and my garden was covered in the most beautiful, white, sparkling snow. Before we could stop him , Mango ran straight outside and plunged right into the deep snow and disappeared. "Oh dear," said Pearl," he didn't even have his boots on." We all rushed out to try and dig Mango out from the snow. He is so small and for a few moments we thought we had lost him. He was nowhere to be seen. Then we heard a desperate little squeak and saw a pair of ears sticking up out of the snow.  I had my gloves on so I was able to scoop Mango back to safety without getting cold hands and Doodle cuddled him up in his fur and took him inside and dried him with a nice soft towel . When it had stopped snowing, and before my dear friends went home, we all spent time in my lovely snowy garden making a family of snowmen. I made the father snowman, Pearl made the mother snowman and Doodle and Mango made the little snowman. We used some of our own hats and scarves to dress them with and found some sticks to give them some arms. It was such fun making snowmen together. It has been a truly lovely Christmas.

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