Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Sherbet prepares a healthy salad from his garden for his friends

I am sneezing a bit today after getting caught in that heavy rain yesterday but the sun is shining down on Clover Cottage so I will work in my garden this afternoon under the lovely warm rays of the sun. I will pick some pretty flowers from my amazing garden and put them in vases to brighten up my home. Mango did not catch a cold probably because his feet were warm and cosy, into my woolly coat. Doodle, Pearl and Mango will visit me this evening and we will eat a big healthy salad picked fresh from my garden. It will be so delicious. I will make it with 3 different types of lettuce, one with green leaves, one with red leaves and one with curly leaves, some lovely orange carrots freshly pulled from the ground (and washed of course!!) some juicy red tomatoes, a ripe crunchy cucumber that I have seen hiding under a leaf and red, green and yellow peppers.  I have some delicious sunflower seeds from the giant sunflowers in my garden  so I will sprinkle them all over the rainbow coloured salad. Pearl will bring her special home made salad dressing and we will put everything in a  big colourful bowl, made especially for me by Doodle in his art studio. Mango will help me to serve the salad. It feels so good to share a delicious, healthy meal with my friends.

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