Saturday, 24 December 2011

Sherbet has a surprise when he looks out of his kitchen window!!

I am not sure if you will believe me but this morning I looked out of my kitchen window and guess what I saw in my garden. I saw a big group of penguins dressed in scarves to keep them warm in the cold weather. I was not really sure they were real as many magical things can happen around Christmas time. I went outside and sure enough they were real! I asked them what they were doing in my garden. One of them, the one with the stripey bobble hat,  told me they were on a day out from a sealife park quite a long way away from here. They had heard about the famous Sherbet Sheep and his amazing garden and thought it would be a pleasant place to come and visit. So of course when I heard that I said  "WELCOME TO MY GARDEN"!  Just as I said that it started to snow so I asked them to come into my cosy kitchen where I made them all big steaming mugs of hot chocolate. Afterwards, when the snow had settled down I took them  all to show them my Winter garden. One of the penguins had lost his hat. I told him he could borrow one of mine to go home with. You can see him in the picture,  he is the one with the purple scarf. How lovely to have new friends to share a mug of cocoa with.

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