Friday, 30 December 2011

Some prickly hedgehogs move in to Sherbet's garden

Oh what a delight!
When I went into my garden this morning . I found  several  prickly hedgehogs waiting for me there.  I had never seen them before so I invited them to stay and live in my garden. One of them was very shy and afraid of me so he curled up in a prickly ball when he saw me  but the others were very happy to see me and started to roll around playfully . I knew they may have travelled a long way to reach my garden and may be very thirsty so I went into my kitchen and brought them out some saucers of milk. They drank the milk gratefully and then I showed them a special, cosy, leafy corner under some bushy bushes where they could live. 
They loved their new home and now that I have some new little creatures living in my garden I will be sure to order more milk from the milkman every day. I have given them names. I call them Helly Hedgehog, Henry Hedgehog, Hannah Hedgehog and Herbie Hedgehog. I hope they like their new names and will be very happy in their new home. They are very welcome to live in my garden as long as they like.

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