Sunday, 18 December 2011

Sherbet rescues a dragonfly from a naughty black and white cat!

Oh how strange to wake up this morning without seeing my dear friend Reginald Rabbit. I have to get used to being here alone again. Please don't worry about me though as I am quite content living alone. I am happy to have the space to do all the things I like to do all day long but I also love being in the company of my good friends. I have just rescued a dragonfly. It must have come from my garden pond. I heard it buzzing around near the tomato plants and saw that a naughty black and white cat was trying to catch it. I have never seen that cat before but as it had a collar on with a tinkly bell on it I think it must live on the farm at the end of Wiggleway Lane. I know there are lots of cats living there. I will take it back to the farm this morning. I hope it doesn't mind riding in my bicycle basket. I will try not to ride over the bumps in the lane. I do love helping all the little creatures around me.

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