Friday, 23 December 2011

Sherbet has an amazing dream!

I have to decide what to give Pearl, Mango and Doodle for Christmas. I think it is best if I give them something I grew myself from my garden. After all,  I have given lots of love to my vegetables and flowers to help them grow so if I give my friends  something from my garden I am also giving them my love. I will go into my garden tomorrow and decide what to give them. 

Last night I had an amazing dream I thought it was real and when I woke up I found I was laughing. In my dream I was walking along Wiggleway Lane, It was a lovely Winter's day.  My old friend Reginald Rabbit was walking beside me and we were chatting about old times. Reginald was bathed in bright white light that made his fur shine just as it had when I saw him in my garden that morning. Reginald was so happy and it was lovely to be together with him. All of a sudden 2 dancing reindeer popped out from behind a tree and started to dance a silly, happy dance for us. Reginald and I laughed so much that we nearly fell over. Just as soon as they had appeared in front of us they disappeared and so did Reginald Rabbit. The next thing I knew I was in my bed laughing and laughing. I am trying to understand what it means as dreams do have meanings. I think it was Reginald Rabbit coming to say Happy Christmas, and the reindeers appeared to give us a happy, memorable time together. Happy Christmas Reginald even though you are living far away from us now you will be in our thoughts on Christmas day. Thank you for coming into my amazing dream.

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