Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Mango is a very kind mouse!

This morning Mango was a very kind mouse, he helped me to pick 6 lovely ripe, red apples from my tree. He was very brave because he climbed the tree and balanced on the branches to pick the apples . He threw them down to me,I caught them and then placed them gently into my basket, taking care not to bruise them. I did see that some apples had already fallen onto the grass but I decided to leave them for the little creatures in my garden to enjoy.

 Mango was very tired after picking the apples so I put him in my bicycle basket and we rode to Pearls cottage with the 6 juicy apples. Pearl will bake us all a special blackberry and apple pie this evening  Yummy! I can't wait. She has all the ingredients now. I am very thankful for Mango's kindness and his help in picking the apples.

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