Tuesday, 27 December 2011

A lovely red squirrel visits Sherbet's garden

This morning, even though it was very cold outside, I decided to go into my snowy garden to see if the snow had thawed out yet. I saw that it was looking almost the same as yesterday except for where we had rolled our snowballs to make our snowman family. As I was looking around my garden, I saw some little animal tracks and when I followed them I saw that I had a visitor. A lovely red squirrel was sitting in my garden on the snow. I am sure he must have been very cold but he was not shivering. I was happy to see though that he was eating an acorn that had fallen down from my oak tree.

I imagine it must be very difficult for him to find enough acorns with the trees all covered in snow so I took my ladder and my basket and I climbed the tree to collect lots of acorns for my new squirrel friend. I left the basket full of acorns for him under the oak tree so that he would have enough to eat for the next  few weeks. It makes me so happy to be able to care for all the little creatures in my garden.

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