Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Sherbet makes scrumptious pea soup for his lunch

I woke up this morning and I really felt like making pea soup for my lunch.Isn't it funny how things pop into our heads like that, I wonder where that idea came from I must have been dreaming about it last night in one of my dreams. I do not know if you are like me but I have lots of different dreams every night and sometimes I remember them and sometimes I don't. Anyway because I woke up thinking about pea soup I asked Mango to help me to pick some fresh green peas from my garden. Mango and I collected enough peas to make a lovely, tasty, healthy soup and then as it was a nice sunny day we both sat down on my doorstep with a big bowl and we shelled the peas. It was such fun and the smell of the freshly picked peas was so delicious I could not wait until lunch time, I must admit that Mango and I both ate some lovely raw peas as we were shelling them but there were plenty left in the bowl to make soup for us both. Yummy! I must tell you now that the soup was really so wonderful and scrumptious that I am so glad my dream inspired me to make it.

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