Thursday, 19 January 2012

Milly mouse falls off her scooter

Today, Mango my dear little friend brought one of his friends to play in my garden. The little mouse was called Milly and she was scooting all around my garden on her new scooter. I think she must have had it for Christmas as it was all shiny and looked brand new. But oh dear, as I was making my morning fruit juice, I heard a big clunk! I looked outside and saw that Milly had fallen off the scooter, she had tumbled off  the grass, and grazed her knee on some stones on my garden path. Mango rushed to help her. He took her hand and led her into my kitchen where we sat her on a little shoe box (she was too small for the chair) and cleaned her poor little knee. I fetched a plaster from my first aid box and even though it was the smallest plaster I could find, it was still too big for little Milly mouse. We managed to wrap it around several times to protect her skin from the dirt in my garden and then after drinking a little of my breakfast juice, she was feeling much better and went back out to scoot all around again. What a happy little mouse she is. I hope she can stay all day.

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