Saturday, 21 January 2012

Kizzie the horse comes to visit Sherbet

I have to tell you a funny thing that happened to me today. I was in my kitchen eating my lovely breakfast of toast, butter and some of Pearl's delicious home made strawberry jam when I heard someone outside trying to turn the doorknob on my kitchen door. I thought who could that be as usually all of my friends do a little knock knock before they enter. Even though everyone is welcome to Clover Cottage I know that all of my friends like to be very polite and good mannered so they do not just walk staright in without knocking even if my door is always open. It was a bit strange but I was not afraid as I live in a friendly place in the countryside. I peeped out of my kitchen window to see if I could see who it was and I saw a big white tail swishing around.  I opened my door and there biting on my doorknob with her big horse's teeth was Kizzie the sweet old horse from the farm at the end of Wiggleway Lane. She had been trying to get into my cottage to say hello but could not quite manage to turn the knob, of course she has not learned proper manners like my other friends but I understood that she was not being bad mannered she just wanted to be friendly. Kizzie is a special friend of Kathy Cat, while Kathy Cat was here visiting me she spent a lot of time also with Kizzie. Kizzie lets Kathy ride her, they are very best friends. Anyway I took Kizzie to my vegetable garden, pulled up some lovely, big, fresh, crunchy, orange carrots and fed them to her. She loved them, she munched and munched and munched until every little bit was gone. It was a lovely start to my day to have a visit from Kizzie.

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