Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Sherbet's herb garden

A cheery hello to everyone out there. It is a lovely morning here in my amazing garden.  Doodle, Mango and Pearl all stayed at my cottage last night after eating our lovely, healthy vegetable dinner. We are all feeling very tired after all of our hard work yesterday so we are having a quiet, restful day. Today, Mango and I picked some herbs from my herb garden.  We all like to put  fresh herbs in our cooking and our salads and we also make lovely refreshing hot tea with them too. We picked a nice basketful of herbs so there is enough to share. I will divide them up into separate paper bags for Mango, Pearl and Doodle to take home with them. The herbs are growing very well in my garden, they are really growing too well as in some places they are taking over! The Mint is the naughtiest as it has escaped its' herb garden borders and has started to spread itself all around the cabbage. The Rosemary has grown into a huge fragrant bush and everytime I pass it, I breathe in it's unique perfume and it fills me with joy. We picked a lovely selection of herbs to use in our recipes,  Rosemary, Basil, Thyme, Mint, Sage and Parsley. Can you recognise any of them in my picture?

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