Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Billy, the farmer's dog, frightens the cats away

Well, very early this morning I was woken up by a great big bark coming from my garden. I thought I was dreaming but then I remembered that Billy was out there keeping watch. Billy was barking very loudly  WOOF!  WOOF!  WOOF! So I peeped out of my kitchen window and there I saw the gang of cats running away as fast as they could. What a surprise they had seeing Billy sitting on guard by the saucers of milk.  I do not think they will be back again. Then I heard a shuffling noise and I looked around towards the vegetable garden and there I saw a happy sight, my family of hedgehogs were coming bravely towards Billy to find their breakfast. They were not afraid of Billy and just walked straight under his legs and found their milk waiting for them in the saucers.  I gave Billy a lovely big bowl of special dog biscuits to thank him for his good work and then I took him back along Wiggleway Lane back to his home with the farmer. I am so grateful that everything is back to normal, no more hungry hedgehogs.

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