Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Doodle paints a beautiful picture of Sherbet's sunflowers

What a lovely sunny morning today in my amazing garden. As I walked out of my cottage door with my watering can, ready to water my flowers. I was amazed to see how wonderful my sunflowers were looking. Their heads were all turned towards the sun and their petals were glowing in the sunshine. They had grown so tall and were swaying in the gentle breeze.  As I was standing there admiring their beauty, Doodle arrived at my garden gate and as usual he had his paint brushes with him and his paints and sketch pad. He walked over to join me and  he said he had never seen such wonderful flowers before. He could not wait to sit down on the grass to paint them. Luckily the grass was very dry as the sun was quite warm. I brought him a jar of water from my kitchen to wash his brushes in and left him in peace while I watered my other flowers. I almost forgot he was there, he was so quiet. I finished my tasks in the garden and looked over to see that he had painted  a truly beautiful picture of my sunflowers.  He was delighted with it and so was I. We took it into the cotttage and found a nice frame for it and now it has pride of place on the wall. How lovely to have such a talented friend like Doodle.  He has brightened my day and made it even sunnier than it was already.

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