Monday, 9 January 2012

Sherbet's friends spend a day with him working in the garden

Today I woke up with lots of energy. I just leapt out of bed really early ready to work in my garden. The sun was shining down on Clover Cottage which put a big smile on my face. There was no snow, no rain, no wind, no fog, no mist, no hail, no grey sky, and it was not too cold, so what more could I ask for? I saw a little bit of dew sparkling on my grass and that was all. The birds were chirping happily in my oak tree, the worms were hiding in the soil trying to avoid being eaten for breakfast by the birds, the dragonflies were playing with the frogs in my pond and the hedgehogs were drinking their morning saucer of milk.  All was peaceful and perfect in my garden this morning. Doodle, Pearl and Mango arrived mid morning to help me with my tasks. I  put them all in my wheelbarrow, with my new garden tools and pushed them to my vegetable garden. They love riding in my wheelbarrow. They all felt happy and smiley too and were all ready to put in a hard days work. There were so many tasks to do. Doodle made some wigwam shapes out of bamboo sticks to help support the peas and beans.  Pearl dug the earth and raked it.  Mango picked out all the stones and put them in a pile and picked some vegetables for our evening meal and I cut the grass and did some weeding.

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