Monday, 16 January 2012

Sherbet gets help from the farmer's dog

I have asked  Pearl what I should do to stop the cats  from stealing the milk from my poor hungry hedgehogs. Pearl said I should borrow a dog from the farmer at the end of Wiggleway Lane as cats do not like dogs and when the dog sees the cats he will bark very loudly and frighten the cats away. What a good idea that is. I went to the farmer and asked him if I could borrow his biggest, friendliest dog with the biggest bark. Of course I need a very friendly dog for the hedgehogs to feel comfortable but I also need a big bark to scare the cats away.  The farmer said  I could choose from all of his dogs. He said he had too many and he was looking for good homes for them. I told him I just wanted to borrow one for a little while to scare the naughty cats away. I looked carefully at all the dogs and the biggest friendliest one I could see was called Billy. The farmer told me that yes indeed Billy had a great big bark so I put Billy on his lead and took him back to Clover Cottage. I promised the farmer that I would  take good care of him and bring him back when the cats had stopped stealing the milk. When I got back to my garden, I introduced Billy to all the little creatures that lived there so they would not be afraid of this big hairy dog. I left Billy sitting by the saucers of milk, on guard, keeping watch. Luckily he was very well trained and I told him to SIT and STAY and not to drink the milk. He was very obedient so I went back into my cottage to have my lunch. I am very happy that  Billy is helping me to keep the naughty cats away.

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