Monday, 2 January 2012

Sherbet's new year message xx

It is funny how fast the years go by. Now it is 2012. I want all of you children out there to eat as healthily as you can and if you have a garden or a little patch of earth or some plant pots with earth in them then I would like to see you all trying to grow something that you can eat. It is really very easy but you do have to be responsible and look after the baby plants that grow from seeds. If you want to see something growing quickly you can plant some easy mixed lettuce seeds and if you have more patience you can grow tomatoes. There are so many easy to grow seeds, try growing your favourite salad plant or vegetable. You will be surprised at how exciting it is to see it grow day by day but you must make sure that you water it and it has enough light and then it will be very happy.

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