Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Sherbet finds two spectacular red peppers growing in his garden and he picks them for his rainbow coloured salad

I woke up very early this morning, eager to go into my garden to do some weeding and to make sure all the little creatures in my garden were happy and healthy. I checked on the frogs in the pond, they were all leaping about with morning happiness. I checked on the dragonflies, they were whizzing around in the sunshine.  I checked on the hedgehogs, they were very content drinking their morning milk.  I checked on the birds in the  trees, they were singing cheerfully from the treetops.  I checked on the caterpillars in my lettuce, they were enjoying their breakfast of lettuce leaf.  Everything was calm and well in my garden so I went to see which vegetables were ripe for me to pick and I found 2 spectacular, big, ripe, red peppers. How beautiful they were. I picked them and took them back to my kitchen where they will wait until I slice them up and add them to my delicious rainbow coloured salad that I am planning to make for my dinner. How wonderful to have fresh vegetables growing in my garden.

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