Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Doodle paints some lovely art for Sherbet

What a lovely surprise I had this morning.  I had just finished my breakfast when Doodle knocked on my door and when I opened it he was standing there with a very colourful painting that he had painted for me.  He knows I like to have art on my walls in Clover Cottage. The painting was of a scene from a country farm with so many little bits and pieces in it for me to look at and enjoy. Doodle loves to paint, and paints almost every day except when he is painting pots or stones or making bird huts. He is always in his art studio creating something new.  It gives him joy and it especially makes him happy to give his lovely creations to his friends.  Pearl, Mango and I all have some lovely paintings from Doodle in our homes.

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