Sunday, 1 April 2012

Reginald Rabbit is staying at Clover Cottage

What a wonderful evening we all had together yesterday.  Pearl, Doodle, Mango, Reginald Rabbit and I,  all helped to make a delicious pumpkin soup made with freshly picked pumpkin from my garden .
Afterwards we enjoyed some very scrumptious cakes that Reginald had brought with him from far far away. He called them Angel cakes . maybe because they were as light and floaty as angels wings.
 This morning Reginald woke up early and started work in the garden. He loves to be in the fresh air and he loves to keep busy. I am very grateful for his help as my vegetable garden and my flower garden need  lots of looking after, especially now in Spring time when things seems to be growing at a very fast pace. I must say I am feeling a little sad today as I know that Reginald will soon have to go home again but I know I must live in the present moment and not worry about tomorrow otherwise I will not be able to fully enjoy my very precious day with my special friend Reginald.

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