Thursday, 19 April 2012

Sherbet has a most charming French visitor

I awoke very early this morning after a very tempting dream of rhubarb pie and custard.
 I opened my kitchen door with a bottle of milk in my hand ready to fill the saucers for my hedgehogs, when I heard a strange and delicate voice. The voice said Bonjour monsieur!  I looked around me and there, coming up my garden path was a beautiful French poodle with a pink bow tied onto a pom pom on her head.
 I said Bonjour to her too and asked her where she was from.  ( Luckily Pearl had taught me to speak some French)   She said she was a visitor here, all the way from Paris. She told me that she had heard of the famous Sherbet Sheep and was curious to meet him. I told her I was Sherbet Sheep and that I was absolutely delighted to make her aquaintance.  When she told me her name was Angelique, I thought she may be an angel!  I asked her to join me in my kitchen for a cup of my special tea made from the mint in my herb garden.  She told me that she found my company most charming. I was very flattered and I felt my cheeks turn a brighter shade of pink, in fact they turned nearly as pink as she was!  After a most pleasurable hour, mostly discussing French food, I might add, it was time for her to leave, so regretfully we said au revoir to each other at my garden gate.  I do hope she visits me again one day, I did so enjoy sharing a pot of mint tea with her.

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