Monday, 16 April 2012

Sherbet is back from his Easter Holiday

Hello everyone. I have missed you all so much over Easter,  but I am back now at Clover Cottage and I am sure I will be very busy over the next few days looking after my garden.  It looks like it has not rained much here. My grass is looking a little bit brown around the edges so the first thing I will do is find my watering can and my hose and give everything a really good sprinkle with water to revive my  flowers, my vegetables and my grass. I am grateful to know that my friends Doodle, Mango and Pearl did their best in taking care of everything but it really is such a lot of work especially when it does not rain. 

I had a really wonderful time with Kathy Cat and I did indeed ride Kizzy horse through the forest. I had to cling on tightly to his ears as I did feel a very long way off the ground. I am not used to riding on a horse but Kathy Cat told me that Kizzy was a gentle old horse and would be very kind to me. I really enjoyed spending time in  Kathy Cat’s wonderful garden. I will show you some of my holiday photos. The only problem I had, was that I could not find a comfortable flower pot to sit on, they were either too big or  too small, I almost felt like Goldilocks and the 3 bears, so I just sat among the  flowers and the vegetables and even on some rocks which I must say were a little bit rough on my delicate bottom bits! Anyway I have to go now to give my hedgehogs a saucer of milk, they must be very thirsty. Love from Sherbet x

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