Saturday, 28 April 2012

Marise Mouse sends Sherbet a spinach plant

As you can see, I am a very happy Sherbet Sheep today.  I will tell you why I am happy. This morning, my dear little friend Mango Mouse told me that he had been to visit a close friend of his. Her name is Marise Mouse and she lives in a house down a hill that leads off of Wiggleway Lane.
Marise Mouse gave Mango a gift to bring for me. How very kind of her. She sent me a lovely pot with a spinach plant in it for my garden.  Mango told me that Marise was a little worried because the spinach plant was not as beautiful as she would have liked it to have been. There had not been much rain lately.  However I was absolutely delighted to have it because even if it was lacking a little in leaves, it had lovely, big, long, light green stalks and it had seven little seeds on it. I took the seeds off and have planted each seed  in seven little pots and now from that one spinach plant I will have seven new plants. How delightful!  I will keep the little pots in my kitchen,  protected  until the new plants have grown. The main spinach plant is now enjoying life in my vegetable garden and has already made friends with the caterpillars. I can't wait for it to make new leaves.  I am very grateful to Marise Mouse for the joy I will have watching my new little seeds grow into spinach plants. Thank you Marise Mouse. Love from Sherbetx

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