Saturday, 21 April 2012

Sherbet dreams how to enrich his soul

Oh my goodness,
 I was just so tired last night that I went to bed really early.
 The minute my head touched the pillow I went straight off to sleep. I woke up later than my usual early time  this morning but when I did open my eyes, I straight away realised that I had just left a wonderful dream behind and I wished I could have stayed asleep in my dreamy land.
 In my dream, I was sitting on my flowerpot in my garden and Reginald Rabbit was sitting on the grass next to me. We had been telling each other our adventures of the past few weeks and it was so heartwarming just to be in his company again. He told me that he was always in my dreams with me even if sometimes I did not remember. He told me to always remember to read my special books with the wise words in, as it would enrich my soul. How lovely!  At that point I woke up with a big smile on my face and I remembered everything he said. How wonderful to know that I can enrich my soul by reading my wise words books. Reginald Rabbit is right about everything. He is very wise, even wiser than Pearl and I know I will be a better Sherbet Sheep if I follow his advice.

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Stefani German said...

What a beautiful dream dear Sherbert.