Monday, 23 April 2012

Sherbet finds an old picture of himself with his teddy bear

Hello Everyone. This morning I was clearing out my cupboards as an extra bit of my spring cleaning and on one of the top shelves I found an old picture of me when I was a very young sheep. I have not seen it for ages, I thought I had lost it. How lovely that I can share it with you all now. As you can see,  I really look quite the same except that I was bit fluffier when I was younger.  I seem to have been a little less pink then, maybe I did not go into the garden as much as I do now. I remember that teddy bear, it was my favourite toy and I had a pair of pyjamas just  like that too. I used to take that teddy bear everywhere with me . I even took it to my first day at sheep school. I was very afraid at my first day at school but having my teddy bear with me gave me courage.  Oh how time passes. It reminds me to make the most of every precious day as we can never get them back again. Love from Sherbet x


thecrazysheeplady said...

All the bottle lambs who live in our kitchen love to play with two stuffed sheep on a low cabinet shelf.

Sherbet Sheep said...

Hello. How lovely for the little lambs to have toy sheep. Did B. willard have a toy when he was a little lamb. Love from Sherbetx