Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Sherbet is tickled by angels

A very strange thing happened this morning. As I was working in my vegetable garden planting my new seeds, I felt a faint tickle on my cheek. At first I didn't take much notice of it, then I felt a tickle on my other cheek, then another one on my nose, then another one on my ear tops. Well, I closed my eyes, and just stood there by my pea plant. I waited to see if I felt the tickle again. Yes! There it was, and not only was it there but I began to feel lots and lots of tickles all over me. I opened my eyes and  I was amazed to see hundreds of lilac feathers floating out of the sky and settling on my wool and on my grass. I have no idea where they came from. None of the birds in my trees were losing lilac feathers and there were no birds flying overhead, and in any case they seemed to come from high up, from the clouds in the sky. Pearl once told me that when I feel a little tickle, it is an angel touching me.  If it is true then I have been touched by hundreds of angels this morning .

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Stefani German said...

The angels love you dearest Sherbert.