Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Sherbet has a delectable vision of rhubarb pie

Oh what a joy!  While I was away spending Easter with Kathy Cat, my rhubarb plant grew and grew.  It must have rained while I was away, unless my dear friends took special care of it for me.  I just love rhubarb. The only trouble is, I have to cook it with lots of brown sugar otherwise it makes my tongue shiver !!  When it is ripe and ready to pick, I will take a whole basket full to Pearl and I know she will make us the most magnificent rhubarb pie. I can hardly wait. I am licking my lips now at the thought of it's scrumptiousness. I have a delectable vision in my head of a lovely rhubarb pie sitting on my kitchen table at Clover Cottage, next to it is a jug of warm, smooth custard and Pearl, Doodle, Mango and I are sitting around the table admiring the pie's perfection.  Oh what absolute yumminess.  I just cannot wait for my rhubarb to grow, but patience is a virtue and it will taste even better because I have had to wait for it. That is one thing I am very sure about !

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