Monday, 30 April 2012

Sherbet is very sad at the loss of his sheep friend Miss Ewenice

I am feeling very sad today as one of my dear sheep friends from far far away, has left this planet earth and gone to live a new life far far far far away, but even though she has gone now,  I can feel that she is still here very close to us. I know that everyone who loves her will miss her very, very much and I am sending all my hugs and love to them.  My sheep friend's name is Miss Ewenice and I am holding this pot of flowers in her memory.
 I am so sad for all of her friends and family that are missing her but I am also grateful that she is happy and feeling young again in her new rainbow coloured, blessed home.
Goodbye Miss Ewenice, I will miss you.
Love from Sherbetx


fengirl said...

Miss Ewenice sounds like a very special sheep friend. I'm sure you will meet her again in the big field over the rainbow bridge where we will meet all our friends again one day. xxxxxxxxxx

thecrazysheeplady said...

Aw thanks Sherbet. I was so hoping you'd get to meet Ewenice as she was such a character. B. Willard was the one who let me know something was wrong that first bad day. I didn't know they were that close of friends, but he's been sad and proved once again what you already know - that our friends are very important. I've been thinking about you lately. Blossom has such pretty white ears but they get pink when she's out in the sun much :-).