Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Sherbet receives a postcard from Paris

Oh what a lovely surprise I had this morning. The postman with the red van  brought me a postcard all the way from Paris. It was from Mango's Aunty Manu.
Aunty Manu told me that the weather in Paris was a little bit cold but the food at her local bistro was as delicious as ever and the market stalls I loved so much when I was there in October were still overflowing with the most scrumptious fruit, vegetables, mushrooms, herbs and of course lots of cheese, smelly cheese, mouldy cheese, yellow cheese, white cheese, orange cheese, crumbly cheese, hard cheese, melty cheese, herby cheese, peppery cheese and even blue cheese but it only has blue bits in it, it is not really blue of course.
 Oh I do miss Paris, it is my favourite city and I cannot wait to go and stay with Aunty Manu and her squeaky floorboards again
   Love from Sherbetx

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