Monday, 28 January 2013

Sherbet has a very silly dream

Hello  my dear friends from nearby and far far away.
 I am still here at the seaside staying with Sheila sheep and I must say that I am having a really wonderful time.  My legs are getting a little bit worn out as I have been walking and walking and walking and walking. It is not snowing here anymore  and there is no ice left on the pavements so I have not slipped over at all.  Thank goodness for that.    One funny thing happened though that I must tell you  about.    I have been sleeping really well after breathing in so much cold sea air but last night I had a very silly nightmare indeed.  I thought it was real.  When I woke up and before I had opened my eyes,  I  had  the feeling that my whole bedroom was filled with mad flying aliens. I was a little bit worried as I thought they were going to capture me and transport me up in their spaceship to another planet where they would do experiments on me to see what I was made of. Now, on the one hand I know that I would enjoy the adventure of going to another planet and being around aliens but on the other hand I was a little bit worried at the thought of being the subject of an experiment. Also if they never let me come home again, who would look after all the little creatures in my garden and keep my vegetable patch alive?
As it happens,  I am glad it was just a dream as it gives me less to worry about.  Love from Sherbetx

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