Wednesday, 16 January 2013

It is snowing at Clover Cottage

It is snowing here at Clover Cottage so I am staying inside today.  I dare not even walk into my garden to inspect my poor vegetables as I am afraid I will slip over and fall into the cold, cold snow and maybe then I would never be found again.  I have little Mango mouse sitting here with me.  We are relaxing on comfy chairs in front of a deliciously warm log fire and we are feeling very cosy indeed.   Poor little Mango, when I saw the first snowflakes I ran quickly to fetch him from his watering can to bring him in to Clover Cottage.  It is far too cold for him to stay in his own home at the moment so he will be staying with me until the weather improves.   We are reading a book about polar bears to keep us in a snowy frame of mind while sitting here in the warm !  Love from Sherbet x

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