Friday, 18 January 2013

Pearl has made Sherbet a new scarf to wear in the snow.

Pearl made me a lovely new scarf so that I could go out in the snow.  It is a little bit big  but I feel very cosy now.  Mango is snuggled right inside there too, behind my left ear.  He is frightened to come out in case he gets frozen so I will not stay long outside.   In 5 minutes  we will go back inside and I will make us both some lovely hot cocoa.  Love from Sherbetx


thecrazysheeplady said...

That's a lovely scarf!

Sherbet Sheep said...

Yes, it makes me look very handsome doesn't it. I am very blessed to have a friend like Pearl, she knits beautiful soft, comforting scarves and also makes lots of lovely hats for Mark Mole. I hope my sheep friends from far far away are keeping warm this winter. I send them all big woolly hugs. Love from Sherbetx