Thursday, 17 January 2013

Sherbet has a snowy adventure

It is still very cold and snowy here at Clover Cottage.  Mango mouse is  staying with me,  as you know.   He is so little that it is much better for him to cuddle up on my comfy chair in the warm than to stay in his watering can in my garden. Today though we decided to go out for some fresh air. I put on my green rubber boots and my warm gloves, tucked Mango right inside my wool under my arm to keep him cosy and went out of my kitchen door.    Brrrrr,  the cold air hit me in the face as I stepped into my garden  and dear little Mango snuggled in closer to my warm woolly body.  I decided then and there that we would not stay out long.  I loved walking through the crunchy snow and leaving big deep footprints behind me.  Mango was peeping cautiously out from under my arm.  He wanted us to collect some bunches of holly from the  holly tree in Wiggleway Lane so that is exactly what we did.  I picked some holly as quickly as I could and then we went back indoors where I made us both some delicious hot cocoa.
We soon warmed up again in front of my lovely log fire and we both had the most beautiful pink, healthy looking cheeks after our adventure in the snow.  Love from a snowy Sherbet Sheepx

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