Saturday, 12 January 2013

Sherbet is having a nice rest after cleaning Clover Cottage

I am sitting on my flowerpot today having a lovely rest because I have been a very busy Sherbet Sheep indeed.
 I have been cleaning  Clover Cottage from top to bottom.  I have been dusting my wise words books and have been sorting out lots of bits of pieces in order to make more space in my cupboards.  I am sure my spiders will be much happier now that they have more room  to make their homes. I know I am supposed to wait until Spring before doing Spring cleaning but I just wanted to do it now simply because I feel like doing it,  that's all.   I have been feeling full of energy and have been singing all around the house.  This morning I heard the blackbirds in my oak tree joining in with my songs and the frogs in my pond croaking along with me too.  Even if they were a little out of tune it is such a joy to be in harmony with nature.
I am sure I will still be singing tomorrow,  so if you have any requests please let me know.
 Love from  your friend Sherbetx

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