Sunday, 30 September 2012

Mango is eating feta cheese in Sherbet's kitchen this evening

I must show you the pretty bottles of olives and cheese that Doodle made for me while I was staying with him.
Here is a picture of one of them, it has cubes of feta cheese mixed in with olives and some herbs. I must admit I do not like the taste of feta cheese very much as it is too strong for my delicate taste buds but I know that Mango will be delighted when I serve him some on his very special tiny plate. I will invite him to dinner tonight and he can sit on his very own corner of my tablecloth and nibble the cheese cubes to his heart's content.  I also still have some scrumptious leftover apple pie so we will eat that with lovely warm, yellow custard and then share a quiet evening together. We will chat about all the things that happened in my garden while I was away, locked out of my cottage, and then we will go into my comfy room where I keep my books and relax with delicious mugs of hot chocolate and I will read some wise words to Mango from my wise words books. It will be a very pleasant evening indeed. Just to remind you all to please keep yourselves very safe as the world outside of my perfect Clover Cottage can sometimes be a very dangerous place. I am sending all of you in the entire world some very special guardian angels to keep you protected. Love from Sherbetx

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