Monday, 3 September 2012

Sherbet has a terrible fright

Oh dear,  I had the most terrible fright today.
 I was riding my bike along Wiggleway Lane, on my way to visit the garden shop in the nearby village. It was a quiet day and it had been raining a bit earlier on. There were lots of puddles about and I must admit I do love to ride through puddles.
 Anyway I was biking along happily, listening to the sounds of the birds when a little dog ran straight out in front of me.  He nearly went under the wheels of my bike. I swerved quickly and wobbled and fell off my bike but I missed him. The little dog was safe and that is all that matters.  He gave me a very cheeky look and ran off as though nothing had happened.  I had such a dreadful fright though, I had to sit on the grass and recover from my ordeal.  I must be extra careful in future as I do love to make sure all the little creatures around me are kept safe. Love from Sherbetx

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