Saturday, 29 September 2012

Pearl welcomes Sherbet home with a delicious apple pie

Oh how lovely.  This morning there was a knock on my kitchen door and when I opened it, Pearl walked in bringing with her a delicious,warm, home made apple pie. It was wrapped in a lovely piece of cream coloured linen and had the most delectable smell you could ever imagine. How kind Pearl is. She told me it was a welcome home present. She had been very worried about me,  I am not away from Clover Cottage very often except when I go on my adventures to the seaside or to visit Kathy cat. I am hoping though to go on a very exciting adventure to a foreign country maybe next month, it is a secret at the moment but if I do I will show you my holiday photos. For now I am very content to be settled back into my cosy kitchen where I can sit at my table and enjoy sharing my delicious apple pie gift with my very dear friends, Pearl, Doodle and Mango. I will just run over to invite Mango now, I am sure he is in his watering can at this very moment preparing a cheese and breadcrumbs breakfast for the blackbirds that live in the trees above him. Goodbye for now, I do wish you could all taste Pearl's magnificent pie with me, it truly is a delight!  Love from Sherbetx

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