Friday, 28 September 2012

Hooray Sherbet is back in Clover Cottage

Hooray!   Here I am back in very own dear, special, cosy Clover Cottage. Finally I now have a new key especially made for me by one of Doodle's very clever friends.  In fact he made me 2 keys so I now have a spare one and I now have to find a very secret place to hide it in my garden so that if I get locked out again ( which knowing me, I may just be silly enough to do) I will be able to get in quite easily.  Doodle was very kind to let me stay in his art studio while my key was being made. Sheila Sheep wrote to me and told me that I should hang my key around my neck which is a very good idea and I think I will do that, but it may get in my way when I am doing my garden tasks, I would hate for it to dangle in the mud or in the pond while I am kneeling down to talk to my frogs.  I am so happy to be home again as I know all of my little creatures missed me and certainly my vegetables look as though they need a very good spray with my water hose, so I must be going now to freshen up all of the lovely leaves, flowers and fruit  in my garden. I send you a huge hug and many rainbow coloured blessings to keep you safe and happy wherever you go. Love from Sherbetx

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