Monday, 24 September 2012

Sherbet has locked himself out of Clover Cottage

Oh dear, I am very sorry to have been so silent for so many days. You will never guess what happened to me. I am a very silly Sherbet Sheep indeed because I locked myself out of Clover Cottage and i could not find a way back in again. It was early in the morning and I had just thrown some breadcrumbs onto my grass for my blackbirds when a huge gust of wind slammed my kitchen door shut !  Oh dear, what a difficult situation I was in. I walked around the whole of the outside of Clover Cottage to see if I had left any windows open. Not one window was open. Oh dear what was I to do. I sat down on my flowerpot and had a really good think. I was not really worried as I know I have a big invisible  ring of protection around me that keeps me safe. I have always had it, so I knew I would be alright as I always am. I have  found that whatever happens to me in my life, even horrible, upsetting, sad things, I am always alright in the end so I knew a solution to my problem would come. I sat and I sat and I thought and I thought. What was I to do?  Luckily it was a sunny day and early in the morning so I had a whole day of daylight to sit on my flowerpot and think. The minutes passed and I could think of no way to get back into my cottage. Suddenly, exactly one hour later I was very lucky indeed to see Doodle dog walking down Wiggleway Lane towards me.  He must have heard my thoughts blowing through the wind and caught them in his ears.  My saviour! He told me I must go home with him and stay as his guest in his art studio he would ask a very clever friend of his to make me a brand new key.   So, my dear friends from all around the world and nearby, I am still with Doodle and I am still waiting for my new key. I am actually having a nice little holiday here and Doodle is very kindly looking after me very well and making me lots of cups of tea. He has made me a different kind of tea that does not grow in my own garden. It is fennel tea.  I still prefer my very own mint tea but Doodle told me his fennel tea, made from lovely green, feathery looking leaves, is very good for me.  I do miss all of my things that are locked inside Clover Cottage but I am sure I will be back soon. Love from a very silly Sherbet indeed who will be very careful not to lock himself out again!

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fengirl said...

Oh Sherbet we have been so very worried not to have heard from you for so long. I'm glad it's a simple reason...Please wear your key on a string round your neck in future xxxxxx