Thursday, 6 September 2012

Sherbet welcomes you to Clover Cottage

Oh, there you are.  I have been standing here at my front door waiting to welcome you to Clover Cottage.
 I would love to invite you in and make you a deliciously refreshing cup of hot mint tea, made from my very own home grown freshly picked mint. While you are sitting at my kitchen table I would also love to share with you some of Pearl's special home made blackberry and apple pie.
 How delightful that I have so many wonderful, loyal friends around the whole wide world.  I just want to tell you today that I appreciate you very much indeed and I always look forward to telling you my little stories.  I do hope you enjoy reading about my adventures here at Clover Cottage.  Thank you for your wonderful friendship. I truly do treasure it and I am sending you a huge wheelbarrow full of rainbow coloured blessings to keep you safe and happy wherever you go. Love Sherbetx

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